Story of Kuakata- The Haunted Beach

Story of Kuakata- The Haunted Beach

Kuakata is a exceptionally beautiful sea beach located on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. This beach is a sea beach of sandy shore and people use to call it The Daughter of Ocean because of its charming natural beauty and freshness. But, It has some paranormal incidents and haunted activities too. Most of the people don’t know about it.

Location and Place Details

Kuakata sea beach is located at Latachapli union under the Police Station of Kalapara and at the district of Patuakhali. The distance of the beach from head quarters of Patuakhali district is 70 km and from Dhaka, the distance is 320 km.
The dimension of the beach is 20 kilometers in length and 6 kilometers in breadth. At kuakata, you will find an extremely beautiful combination of picturesque beauty of nature and the charming seashore air, sandy beach, a huge expanse of sea water, eye-catching evergreen forest and a wide open blue sky.

kuakata beach

The name Kuakata is originally generated from the word Kua and Kata which means ‘Well’ and ‘to dig’ respectively. According to the myths and local believes, this place was found by the early Rakhain tribal and while they attempted to dig a well at the nearby place to resolve their water problem. Since then, many wells are being and will be dug in order to fulfill the demand of drinking water at nearby localities. Also, these wells are so important for the survival of the inhabitants and thus, the place is even named after that!

This place is one of those few tourist attraction point of Bangladesh that attracts both local and foreigner travelers every year. A number of well-organized hotels, motels and inns are available nearby. People get to see the unbelievable view of sunset and also the wide beautiful sandy seashore from here and that’s why visitors love to glimpse the serene ambience and also the lovely rustic enclosure which override the sights at kuakata beach.

Haunted Story of Kuakata Beach

There are some mysterious abnormal incidents and haunted activities at this place which take place at the sea beach area now and then and this is what we actually we are writing about.

The Haunted Boat

The tale was not from reliable sources, but still people use to believe that and some of them directly claim to be witness.

The story is, One of the local dad and son living at Musiullipara went onto fishing and collecting fuel wood from the deep forest of Gangamati. At some point on the way, both of them felt thirsty. As it’s seashore, drinking water was not that much available there. So, they started to dig the seashore sand and suddenly their axe hit to something hard. As they dug more to see what it was, they found a wooden big jar with golden coverings and some gold made decorated sheets. The father and son keep digging more of the box and eventually, the box was getting bigger. The more they dug, the bigger it was getting and at the end they found a large big boat immersed under the sand. The boat was looking precious and ancient as well. As it was almost the dusk of the day, they called the day off and thought to return to the place at early of morning next day. But the next daylight never came upon the duo and they died on the way to their home for some mysterious circumstances.

Rumors flew and soon people got to know about the buried boat full of gold and also about the accidental death of the father and son. Since then, the rumor and suggestion was like, the boat was cursed by evil beings and hunted as well.
Till today, people of kuakata believe that the mysterious boat immersed on the beach is haunted and anyone trying to explore the boat will surely die. Some incidents took place in the mean time which strengthened their believe and still people are equally scared of the immersed haunted boat.

However, it’s still hardly believed among the local people of Kuakata that the father and son’s spirits are still jealously guarding the boat and thereby appear to the people who tries to steal those, or even want to pass by the road. After being found dead at nearby place after their death, the local people discovered many of the incidents and many of them described as they were witness of the incidents. The acquired boat, which contained loads of gold coins and valuable metals is still there at that place between dense forest of Gangamati. Whenever people try to pass by the area with either bad or good intention, the shadow of the ghosts appear there and try to frighten them with scary noises and shouts until the person escapes. No major death or physical harm were caused by the ghosts.

Haunted Story of Kuakata Beach- The Cursed Temple

Superficially, there is another haunted story that lies among the people of local villages and the Rakhain tribal as well. It is about a government funded Buddhist temple which is now under construction and supposed to be replaced with another temple which got harmed during the 1971 cyclone. The old temple contained an 80 years old brass Buddha.

The vast Buddha temple is located at Misry Para where the highest Buddha figurine can be glimpsed. The 21 feet Buddha is located at a place which is only 12 km away from main Kuakata town. As Kuakata is a highly renowned place to the Hindus and Buddhists because of the massive religious festival called Rass Putnima and Maghi Purnima.  On these two holy occasions, many of the devotees come and appear to take bath under the holy ocean water and also to enjoy customary fairs. Among the visitors of the festival, it is hugely rumored that the Buddhist’s temple is cursed by evil spirit and at particulars nights, unsatisfied or accidentally dead souls of people come out to worship the devil and create a rivalry against Buddha. Though this story or rumor have no highly definite witness but still it’s a wide long rumor among the local people of kuakata and nearby areas.

Despite of having a rumor about the duo of father and son or the scary worshipers of devil of the Buddha temple, Still Kuakata is one of the most attractive wetlands of the subcontinent. The sandy shore will appear to be appealing to the tourists for the beauty of calm ocean water and panoramic beauty of seaside.

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