Foy’s Lake is the current largest beautiful lake located in Chittagong City, Bangladesh. It has a both attractive and haunted natural beauty that will definitely drop your jaw out. This beautiful lake is carrying a history of both glory and a story of terror. Let’s go through the details about Foy’s Lake

Historic Background

Foy’s lake is a reservoir type artificial lake that had been made on 1924 by supervision of Mr. Foy, one of the British East India Company Officer. In purpose of creating a dam across the street that had come from the Hills of Northern Chittagong zone. Also, one of the other important reasons of creating the lake was to provide drinking water to the railway colony that was located nearby. The person Mr. Foy was also a railway engineer who, materialized the entire project and the lake is eventually, named after him.
Since the establishment, Foy’s lake had been one of the most attractive amusement and tourist attraction point of Chittagong city and thus, this place is being taken care of with proper efforts by the government and the local people as well.
Currently there are a carriage workshop, a loco shed, diesel workshop, electric stores, stores and a school (established in 1924) are located at the nearby area of Foy’s lake.

The Century-old Story of Foy’s Lake that Haunts People Yet!

The beautiful lake is rumored about a story-line which is as old as itself. Even some evil incidents prove that, the story was not completely out of nothing. The century-old story-line of being it a haunted place, is one of the reasons why we kept it at our 1st position of Haunted places in Bangladesh.

The lake still carrying a haunted story of 100 years old. Even, local people over there still don’t know when and how the paranormal activities took place at Foy’s Lake. Still, the story and the incidents that are related to the story are being carried away from generation to generation.

woman black shadow

The Story- The Woman and the Black Shadow

The story is a 130 years old tale. The ghosts that are rumored to be appearing is a black shadow. People use to claim that, a black shadow were there near the lake that sometimes attacks on passersby while passing through the bridge of the old Foy’s Lake. On the contrary, there were another ghost of good spirit that used to warn people from top of the nearby trees while someone is about to be attacked. Some evidence also claimed that the rivalry of the shadow ghost and the woman was lasting from centuries to centuries and both of them are blessed with super powers. As example, people used to say that the woman was seemed to sit on the curve of two adjacent hills where nobody else could have even reached!

Another rumor also runs regarding the haunted Foy’s lake which claims there were two women with the rivalry of evil spirit between each other. One of the women had a black shadow which was used to frighten and kill people, another woman used to save the lives with her good powers. The second woman was comparatively younger and used to warn people before getting attacked. At that aged there were people who actually experienced both of the incidents visually and visually by themselves.

Another storyline was claimed to be happening at the lake area which claims the presence of another evil power at old Foy’s Lake. Let’s go through the second story regarding our very first haunted place in Bangladesh.

The Haunted Story of Foy’s Lake – The Haunted Beauty of Chittagong

Flying Fireballs of Foy’s Lake

 Another exciting haunted story-line is rumored about Foy’s lake. This time, this has been not only claimed but also visualized by many of the nearby inhabitants. During the night, people living nearby use to claim that, they see flying fireballs of several sizes to fly from one end to another end in the sky of the lake. And this is something that many people claim to witness by themselves. And eventually, some witness is found of the incident, but no one could explain what this is and why this happened.
From some of the people nearby, it had been heard that this was the sign of the presence of JIN- the hidden creature according to Islam. These incidents sometimes frightened people away and eventually, this place had been well-known for paranormal activities and haunted by an evil spirit.

In the other hand, some people now a day’s explains that as nothing but methane gas burnt during the nights of summer. But whatever the light source is, people still are frightened a lot about those flying fireballs.

Currently, Foy’s Lake is being taken care of as a tourist spot and a natural attraction of Chittagong. This lake had recently been undertaken by the Concord International Development Company for 100 years of the lease. Concord International Development Company is planning to build the largest Theme park and Amusement Centre of the country.