Haunted House of Dhanmondi 27 in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Haunted House of Dhanmondi 27 in Dhaka City

Presence of ghosts and jinns had been a long popular trend in our civilization. Even, the existence of ghosts and evil forces had been described by many of the famous persons and some of them even claimed to have real experience. It’s not like ghosts and haunted stories are only rumored centering less crowd and calm places, there are ghosts and evil curses on the urban too. We have discussed about Airport Road, Banani Golf heights etc. before which claims to have existence of ghosts pon urban highways and buildings. Now we are going top discuss about one of the most famous haunted stories among the urban generation which is the cursed house of Dhanmondi 27.

In local Bengali culture, we observe that places are generally haunted by the presence of unsatisfied spirit(s) of anyone who is a victim of abnormal death or commit to suicide. People believe that spirit(s) of the one who face(s) abnormal death is/are confined to that place(s) where the death occurred. Then the spirit(s) roam that place for an unlimited period.

One may find a haunted, vacant house in Dhanmondi, which I will discuss in this article.

Haunted House of Dhanmondi- 27

Like other residential areas of Dhaka city, Dhanmondi is densely populated. It is very rare to find any vacant house. One will find an empty apartment, at the end of road 27, closely near to OXFORD School, in front of Bangladesh Eye hospital. The third floor of the building remains vacant for more than 10 years. Locals say this house became haunted after the suicide of a woman inside the apartment. Although apartment rates are high in this area, no tenants brave enough to stay at this apartment at a cheaper rate. People, who want to stay at this apartment, must face some unusual experience- both physical & psychological. One may identify the building by observing Arabic writing in front of the gate unlike other buildings. The mystery is that tenants are eager to the very up or down floor, but no tenants are able to stay in the third floor.

One may identify the haunted floor by looking simply its poor outlook. There is no painting or sun protected glass in the corridor. Grills are rusted. Unlike other floors, there is no sign of life.

Locals believe that unsatisfied souls are stayed there. Nobody is allowed to enter or take picture inside the floor as it may cause any disturbance to the soul(s).

Though rumors flew for years and years about existence of evil spirit at the Haunted houses f Dhanmondi 27, there had been proves of the opposite too. One of the construction worker  of the building once quoted that, there had been some unusual activities like fall of bricks from nowhere, sudden load shedding and noise of screaming from roof and higher floors of the building. But nothing of these had been visualized yet. People that claim that there are ghosts in this house, only give their opinion based on what they heard from other people, Rumor in other word. So until this is a proved scenario, nobody can actually prove the presence of any evil cursed being in this house.

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